Nisga`s Memorial Lava Bed Tours

The Lava Beds are in the Nass Valley just north of Terrace. Hundreds of years ago the lava completely covered the NISGA village. Some very nice scenery, water falls and beautiful coloured water in some of the pools. April and May lots of Bears along the way. This is now a park and we would need the natives to accompany us on this tour. This tour is about a three hour bus ride up the Nass valley to Kincolith village.


Lava Beds - Nass Valley

We drive right by the Lava beds on our way. When we get to the village you can view Totem poles, gift shops, a very scenic village. April and May loads of Bears along the way. Very good time if your into seeing Bears. Some excellent Steelhead fishing in this area also in April and May. July 1st long weekend is Crab feast. If your into a real treat of pigging out on fresh caught Crab, this is the time to book. Located on the Kispiox river is Kasan village. Totem poles, gift shops and if booked enough in advance we may be able to set up a salmon bake in the village.


Lava Beds - Forest

Depending on the time of year they might be drift net fishing for Sockeye. Or smoking their fish the native way. Might even get a chance to speak to some of the old chiefs. There is still a few around.


Lava Beds