Jet Boat Tours

We offer jet boat tours up some of the beautiful river valleys off the Skeena river. We tour the SKEENA, KASIKS, EXSTEW, KALUM, ZYMOTEZ, BULKLEY AND LAKELSE RIVERS. On these tours you will see beautiful snow capped mountains and depending on the time of year a variety of wildlife and birds. Bears, Moose, Eagles etc. The Lakelse is a walking sight seeing tour. Easy going walk down to the river where many Eagles and water fowl congregate. Usually see plenty of birds. Some times you will also get to see Black Bears fishing out the salmon. The Kalum is a jet boat tour of about 5 miles in an open jet boat. Eagles most of the year. Bears in the fall. Kasiks is another beautiful boat ride. Gorgeous valley for pictures. Also a chance of seeing Bears, Moose, Deer and bird life. The Skeena is the main river. You could get aboard at Terrace and travel down stream to the Exchamsiks river. This is about 40 miles of river. Stop and have lunch along the way. The Exstew is another very beautiful river valley with gorgeous scenery and a possibility of seeing wildlife and birds. Good fishing in the fall. The Zymotez and Bulkley are raft rides. A little more rugged. Best for the younger guests.


Jet boat tours up some of the river valleys