Tour to Hazelton

The tour from Little Wolf on the Yellowhead Highway leads along the Skeena River through Kitwanga to Hazelton. The river valley and the highway are surrounded by the massive mountain chain of the Coast Mountains, with its Seven Sisters peaks reaching an elevation of 2786 m. The small settlement of Hazelton is situated at the mouth of the Bulkley River where it enters the wild Skeena River. For 300 kilometers the river cuts its way through the rocky barriers of the Coast Mountains and allowed the natives to settle from the coast into this valley. The Totem Poles standing outside usually last up to 300 years, depending on weather and soil conditions. These carved cedar logs are not religious symbols, but recall events in the family's life and are expressions of the native art. K'san is not only a village museum for visitors but also an important cultural center of the Gitskan, as well as a renowned carving school. Young Native artists are educated in the practices and skills of their forefathers. Traditional dance performances are held every Friday evening during the summer. At Moricetown, you can observe the traditional native methods of catching salmon. The fish are pulled out of the water using heavy hooks on very long poles. This place is ideal for this practice, as the Bulkley River squeezes through a narrow canyon here which makes it difficult for fish to pass these rapids.